Colors and leather types


Vintage leather


Vintage leather


Leather type Versail


Leather type Versail

The current color palette can always be seen in the section: Colors

The skin we use in the manufacture of products does not have a stable color gamut and uniformity. We always try to provide the most accurate information about the variety of the current color range. Due to different lighting conditions during shooting, different calibration of the monitor or other source of image output, it is necessary to consider the possible difference between the color rendition in the photo (by 1-2 tones) and the skin color of the finished product. In any case, we will try to find the best option for you.

Vintage leather.
Colors: brown, blue, green, ginger.

In the manufacture of our products, we use vintage leathers that are matte in texture and have a scratch property, after which you can get rid of scratches by wiping the product with a clean soft damp cloth. In the same way, such a skin has the property to overwrite and in due course takes a more vintage appearance.

Colors: gray, black, beige, pink, blue, red.

The leather of the Versail type is matte and has an extra coating – it is not vintage, which makes it simpler in everyday care.

Physical properties of leather.

Leather can stretching and changing its shape in every possible way under physical pressure. The card units in our wallets / purses, we specially make the covers for tablets / laptops in size with the device or card, because in time the leather will take the form of the object.

Any matte leather can dye light things at first, in general after two weeks, the leather will not paint things.
At the moment we have achieved a strong color fastening from the manufacturer, and all the skin is minimally painted and only the first time.

The process of mashing the skin can be accelerated by wiping with a clean dry cloth at the points of contiguity, and you can also use a color stop, for example – the color off Salamander.

Density and thickness of the leather.
The density of the leather is different in different colors.

The most dense: blue, brown, red, green. Thickness – 1,4 – 1,6 mm.

Black, gray, beige, red, blue and pink skin of medium density.

Care and storage

  • Cleaning and protection

    The leather can be treated with a water-repellent spray (do not use an oil-based spray), you can clean the leather with a special leather cleanser – Salamander Combi Proper, as well as apply to a specialized dry cleaning.

    Do not rub the area of contamination intensively, or use wet wipes for cleaning.

  • Contact with water

    If the leather product is wet under rain or snow, it should be wiped dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not allow long or permanent contact with water.

  • Storage

    Store products from genuine leather best in a cool dark closet. To prevent changing the shape of the leather product, it is recommended to fill the bag with paper.
    Avoid storing bags of genuine leather in closed plastic bags. This promotes oxidation processes and gradually changes the color of the skin. Do not hold the skin in a bright sun, under direct sunlight, this can lead to discoloration or fading.

  • Warranty

    All Bagllet products have a 3 month warranty for any type of damage.

    The post-warranty service also operates during the whole period of using the product.

    We can refuse after-sales service with heavy wear and damage.


Craft of the leather is done by the craftsman manually, we do not stamp and do not use the laser and physically can not guarantee the accuracy to a millimeter.

Use of materials. In the manufacture we use only leather, we order and select only the highest grade (maximum quality with the minimum number of defects), so that the cost of our products is maximally acceptable to the buyer. It is allowed to use leather with defects (birthmark, not a big scar) or scratches that do not affect the functional of the product, ONLY for the manufacture of the bottom or interior trim (pockets, partitions), i.e. does not affect the appearance of the product or its consumer properties. The reverse side of the skin is not normalized.

Branding. Due to the large number of fakes of our models, all Bagllet bags and backpacks have branding.


We do not use lining, as well as rigid structural elements. All products are entirely made up of leather. The best lining is the reverse side of the skin, and the rigid structure of the skin (thickness 1.2-1.6 mm) allows the product to keep its shape.

Hard bottom.

In all our bags from 35×25 cm, a hard bottom made of thick cardboard is trimmed with felt.

We can put a hard bottom in any model at the customer’s request.